How do I find out if I am Eligible to compete at the All Star Team Roping Finals?

If you have a current WSTR/USTRC/KeyCard then you are eligible to enter.  And good news.... If you do not have a current WSTR/USTRC/KeyCard, you can purchase one on site at the Entry Office.

Is the $200,000 Added Real or is it just one of those Math tricks some producers like to play?

Absolutely REAL!  It is not from the ROPERS Pool.  The Added Money is accumulated from the PRODUCERS % all year long and is added to the shootouts after the 80% payback has been figured.  

How do I enter the Added Money Shootouts?

All of the added money shootouts with the exception of the Cavender's Open Shootout require 1 GOLDEN TICKET per entry.  You can pre enter by mail, phone or at a regular qualifier for $400/roper by June 30th, $500/roper by July 26th, or On Site at the Finals Entry Office for $550/Roper.  You are also eligible to enter for $400/roper at the regular qualifiers the same day that you win them.  And if you qualify through a preliminary at the Finals the late fee is waived and it is $500/roper to enter.


GOLDEN TICKETS are essentially a pass to enter the Added Money Shootouts.  No entry is accepted into the Added Money Shootouts without having 1 GOLDEN TICKET.

Alright... I am loving it.  How do I get the Schedule?

Check out all the information, details, and flyers below.

What if I have never been to an ASTR Event?

No Problem as long as you have a current WSTR/USTRC/KeyCard Membership.

$200,000 Added

When and Where are the 2019 ASTR Finals?

August 7-11, 2019

Lazy E Arena Guthrie, OK

Do I need a GOLDEN TICKET to enter the Prelims or Specialty Ropings?

No.  All the Preliminary and Specialty ropings are open to anyone with WSTR/USTRC/KeyCard memberships.



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Are there any QUALIFIERS left for this Season?

Yes.... We have 2 SUPER QUALIFIERS left.  Be sure to check out our website and facebook for FLYERS.

July 20-21 at Ada, OK

July 27-28 at Ardmore, OK. 

And then we have the Preliminary Qualifiers at the Finals

August 7-11 at Guthrie, OK

Okay, I am still a little confused. Is there someone I can call?

Absolutely.  Feel free to call any of the Phone Numbers below and we will be glad to help. 

Blake - 918.837.0048

Tim - 918.798.0159

Leon - 918.857.4401

Brandi - 918.837.0878

Tami - 918.639.2386



All Star Team Roping is a new and exciting format that is designed by team ropers to put the contestants FIRST and the producers SECOND.  We have taken the finest points of other associations and combined them to create what we believe to be an ALL STAR lineup.  We are committed to being an honest and upfront association producing the best Team Ropings we can.  We will have Finals Qualifier events followed by a year end Finals.  At the Finals there will be a Preliminary as well as an Shootout Divisions.  Our goal is to give ropers the opportunity to rope against fewer teams and win more money.  

How do I get a GOLDEN TICKET?

There are numerous ways to get your hands on a GOLDEN TICKET.  

            1) Top 5 at a Regular Qualifiers win GOLDEN TICKETS

​            2) Top 10 at a Super Qualifiers win GOLDEN TICKETS

            3) Top 20 at the Preliminary Divisions at the ASTR Finals win  GOLDEN TICKETS

            4) Everyone who purchased a 2019 ASTR Membership received 1 GOLDEN TICKET

            5) If you did not purchase a 2019 ASTR Membership, you have the Option to Purchase 1 GOLDEN TICKET for $100

            6) GOLDEN TICKETS are transferable so If you find someone with extra GOLDEN TICKETS, they can help you out.